Great Things about Southern Prep: A Cadet’s Perspective

young cadet with drone controller

September 7th, 2020
By: Cadet Jakob Taylor

Back when I first enrolled in this great academy, we weren’t known as Southern Prep, we were Lyman Ward Military Academy. Back then, we were mostly looked upon as a reformatory school for behavior cases, even though we never were. We have always been kids who desire learning in different ways than what is traditional. That is a big issue in America- the way school is done. The school year of 2019-20 was like an evolution. We became a school for disciplined and hardworking students determined to do well in life. We started gaining more athletes and star students. We became the great academy of Southern Prep.

The school year now is astronomically better than my previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic has barely hurt us in sports and academics. Since day 1, we “locked down and hit the books hard,” as my dad always says. I love this school for what it gives me. They feed us well, they clothe us properly, and, because of the coronavirus, we even have rooms to ourselves. 

The military part of Southern Prep is to provide and maintain discipline, plus we look sharp, and act like men because of it. Our leadership is doing the right thing in teaching us what we need. Our teachers are giving us everything we require for life outside of school and more. This place is our home away from home.

Southern Prep grants us the ability to practice and play every high school sport, like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, rifle shooting, cross country, track, and even golf once (hopefully it will come back). Another plus about this school is the ponds. They are always stocked with fish of many species and provide a fun challenge many boys do not get to enjoy in their hometowns. We also have an awesome summer program full of different activities, like swimming, tactical recon, rifle training, aviation, sports, and a special adventure camp that takes you to amusement parks. On weekends, we can visit the on-campus canteen, where we can buy whatever snacks we are in the mood for. Alongside that, we have a movie and game room to play pool, ping pong, air hockey, and video games.

This school offers me a lot to choose from in academics, athletics, and military training. There are many good things about Southern Prep… too many to list here!


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