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Why choose Southern Prep?

Properly Equipping Young Men For Life.

Choosing the right academics, structure, athletics, and environment for your son can be a challenge. We understand that many of our students come from unique backgrounds. Whether the young men interested in Southern Prep are in need of a change of scenery or feel a lack of structure and discipline in their daily routine, our academics and military environment often prove to be the perfect mix of structure, values, and peers those young men crave and need.

Southern Preparatory Academy is unlike other military academies. We place a focus on the individuals within our institution, providing them with the right classes, support systems, and structure they need to succeed, thrive, and ultimately graduate from our program with the tools they need to face life head-on.

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The Southern Prep Experience

We are a community of students, faculty, and staff who know each other well, celebrate our victories, band together in times of challenge, and possess mutual respect for one another. 


We believe that when your son becomes a part of our community, we become your extended family. 


We support your continued involvement throughout your son’s experience, and we hope that you, too, will experience the strength of our community.

Aviation Training

Robotics & Drones

College Preparedness

Be a part of something great.

We believe that every young man wants to be a part of something great. He wants to become as wise, as strong, as brave, and as respected as he can be. 


We also believe that each young man can become his very best self when he discovers that responsibility and hard work can make anything possible. 


Capable young men with this potential to achieve are the young men of Southern Preparatory Academy- even when they don’t yet know it.