the legacy of dr. lyman ward


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Strength of Tradition

military day cadets holding flags

At Southern Prep, our strength lies in our tradition. Our academy has adapted through the last century, but, with the help of influential men and women, the core values of integrity, honesty, and loyalty for the academy have remained consistent. The academy now seeks to continue building upon the legacy of Dr. Lyman Ward as new cadets across the world earn the necessary education and leadership skills to be successful through life. 

To walk in the footsteps of a great man like Dr. Ward and to be given the opportunity to perpetuate his ideals begun so long ago, are the guiding principles of all hopes."


Celebrating over 125 years of tradition! Immortalize your commitment to preserving our academy’s legacy. Join past and present members of the Ranger Family in supporting this important campaign by purchasing an engraved brick. Honor alumni, friends, families, and businesses. Memorialize a loved one. Call out a special memory, a favorite saying, or a poem.  All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards scholarships for future cadets.