Meet Our

Board of Trustees

Jeremy Farber, Chairman

Reston, VA “95”


Susan (Jill) Bonatz

Mountain Brook, AL


Mario Camera

Dubai, United Arab Emirates “93”


Ursula Jenrette

Auburn, AL

Jim Locke

Montgomery, AL “72”

IMG_0392 (1)

Norman Winston

Birmingham, AL “87”

Carey Treadwell

Memphis, TN “87”

Steve Trowbridge

Hoover, AL

Von McQueen

Sardis, AL “66”

Harold Grant

Birmingham, AL

Be A Part Of Something Great

We’re happy to have your support and continue to work together towards our mission of continuing to improve the quality of our school and the lives of our cadets. We are proud to provide our Alumni with up-to-date news, resources, events, and ways to get involved within our community. ​