Scrubs, Day 1: Complete

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September 4th, 2020
By: Cadet Drew Maxey

Here at Southern Preparatory Academy, there is a 21 day scrub period. This scrub period is for new students to learn how to become a cadet. The scrub period is a set amount of time for you to learn the rules and procedures of the school. 

My scrub period started on Saturday, August 8th. Everything became real when I felt the vibrations of Pastor Siggers’ clippers rumble through my head. Seconds later, my hair fell in my lap, and I instantly began rethinking my decision. When the clippers finally cut off, I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was missing.

I walked to my barracks and found my scrub trainers. Our scrub trainers were eager to teach us everything, from making our beds to setting up our wall lockers. Once we were taught the basics of how to set up our room, it was time for us to eat. We walked into the mess hall and were told we had to stand behind our seats and ask permission to sit and eat, and we even had to ask permission to get seconds.

As mess concluded, we had to run to the barracks and finish setting up our rooms. Once our rooms were finished, we were ordered to fall out to the quad. On the quad, our scrub trainers taught us basic facing movements, such as right, left, and about face. Once we had those movements down pat, we learned how to march and stay in step. After our class on marching, we had a class on how to shine our leather shoes. Once our shoes looked shiny, we had 3 minutes to shower and get into our bunks. That night I laid in my bed and felt accomplished with how much I had completed in just my first day as a scrub.

My scrub period helped transform me into a cadet. I learned many priceless skills and personality traits. During my scrub period, I grew as a man. Scrubs was probably one of the best, as well as the hardest, things I have had to complete. Overall, scrub period was very helpful and gave me many skills that I will use in my life, both at school and at home.


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