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Ask any student,

past or present, what he values most about our school and the answer will likely be: the brotherhood. Southern Prep provides young men with a unique opportunity to benefit from an environment that fosters the development of these bonds: where cadets share a common goal of not only becoming leaders but also becoming part of a team.

This bond of brotherhood often forms within the first few weeks of school, when cadets are navigating the same new challenges and discover that by working together and supporting one another they will persevere. This unwavering trust between cadets creates lifelong bonds that would have been unimaginable to many boys prior to their Southern Prep experience. They learn quickly that these friendships are built upon dependability and trust and will serve as a foundation for future relationships—whether at school, at home, or beyond.

But the bonds at Southern Prep aren’t limited to the brotherhood of the boys. We are a community of students, faculty, and staff who know each other well, celebrate our victories, band together in times of challenge, and possess mutual respect for one another. We believe that when your son becomes a part of our community, we become your extended family. We support your continued involvement throughout your son’s experience, and we hope that you, too, will experience the strength of our community.

Student Life

The Bond of Brotherhood

two young boys with their arms around each others shoulders

Brotherhood is not an idea at Southern Prep – it is a reality.

It is not the formulation of ideas that sustain lifelong bonds – but the establishment of a friendship that withstands the test of time.

boys padding in canoes
three flight crew cadets

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