Military Department

steve mayer

Major Steve Mayer

COMMANDANT OF CADETS (256) 392-8613 Office
(256) 307-2450 Cell

dalis smith

Dalis Smith

parent coordinator
(256) 455-4953 Office
(256) 794-1284 Cell

alfred grace

SGT Al Grace

tac officer - bravo co.

david fuller

SGT David Fuller

TAC Officer - Charlie Co.

shawn williams

SGT Shawn Williams

TAC Officer - Echo co.
(256) 675-6207 Cell

nurse becca

Kendall Duncan


penny pratt

Penny Pratt

supply Officer

joanne clifton

Joann Clifton

Dining Hall Manager

alan broom

Alan Broom

Director of Properties and Facilities

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Alumni Relations

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Military Department