Honor a Brother, Remember a Friend

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March 11th, 2020

Below is a list of those who have bricks in recognition of them. Consider paying it forward by dedicating a brick to one of your Brothers or in honor of one who has passed. Etch their legacy into our historic campus forever!

Albert Causey
Alex Chodkiewicz
Allen Family
Anne Pitts
Benny Hammond
Bill Thomason
Blake Burchfield
Bradley Bean
Brandon Bell
Brent Robeen
Brian Brunner
Brig. Gen. Theodore Futch
Bucky Heard
Captain Betts
Captain Dee Orem
Captain Ed Guerra
Captain J S Steve Dorsey
Captain Killingsworth
Captain Skip Gardiner
Carter Henry Kyser
Carter McCollum
Charissa Reynolds
Charles H. Robinett
Chris Robinson
Cliff and Janes Kolb
Coach J.D. Gooden
Coach Terry Arwood
COL Wesley P Smith
Col. Bill Jenrette
Colonel Albert Hovey
Colonel Marcus Moreman
Crowson Family
David Johnston
David Kneeland
David Osteen
David Thompson
David Werking
Devin Wills
Dewayne Pritchett and Family
Doug Reynolds
Doug White
Douglas Dromey
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Berwick
Dr. Ralph Adams
East Alabama Medical Center
Ed and Rita Guerra
Eddie Freer
Edwin P. Vaiden
Elizabeth Conway
Eric Fuller
Eric Thompson
Ethan Cochran
Eunice L. Mullins
Evans Family
Family of Joe Moore
Fowler Family
Frank A. Boatman
Frazure Farrar
Gabriel Brown
Garrett Buzbee
Garrett Peebles
Garrett Poteet
General Futch
George Pfeil
Glenn Kittrell
Gordon S. Roberts
Hand Family
Harry R. Gill
Hazel O’Hara
Hunter Thompson
J. Shane Hatcher
Jack Fariss Heard
Jackson Craft
Jakob Segan
James Adcox
James C. Davis
James Cowsert
James Penn
James Riley Keener
James T. Porter
James Webber
Jeff Damron
Jeremy Joseph Neenan
Jerry Beason
Jill Bonatz
Jim C. Wade
Jim Locke
Joe Watson
John “Bart” Odgers Jr.
John Hartrick
John Henry Johnson
John Shelby
John Thomas Bonatz
Jose M Leon
Jose Ricardo Alas
Joseph Reese III
Kathryn Chodkiewicz
Lee, Theresa, and Molly Kolb
Lewis Trimble
Licinio Garcia Escobar
Lt Col Joel Burdette
LTC Clarence Longcor
LTC Jared Norrell
Lucille Mai Fariss
Luis M. Marcano
Luke Kittrell
Luken Investment Analytics
M.A. Nichol
MAJ Joe Watson
MAJ Kevin Jenrette
Major Kevin Hay
Mario Camara
Mark Morgan
Max Webb
Mayor Gary Fuller
Melba R. Henderson
Michael J. Rogers
Mike Bill
Moran Family
Myrtle Edith Cadenhead
Nathalie, Genevieve, & Gerard Gatoux
Nathan Johnson
Norm Winston, Jr.
Otis H Melton
Peebles Family
Peyton Bearden
Ray Blackburn
Rhett Howard
Robert Bell
Robert Kusty
Robert Temple
Roberto Family
Roberts Family
Rogan Norrell
Roland Bell
Roy Ezell
Royce Brady
Ruth Bellenger
Sam Lane
Shayne Gatoux
Steve and Caroline Mayer
Tally (Campus Dog)
Tony Gaumer
Trip Winston
Tripp and Grace Melton
Trowbridge Family
Van Pelt
Wayne White
Webber Family
Will Watson
William Dunlap III
William Otis Jackson
William Trimble
William Ward
William Webber

By ordering a personalized brick paver, you will support the next generation of cadets to attend this historic academy. There will be a special ceremony on Military (Alumni) Day, on Saturday, April 25, 2020, to recognize the new additions to the Walk of Honor. Place your order before March 18, 2020, to ensure your spot in the ceremony.

To order a brick, please click here or call our Director of Development, Cole Leonard, at 256-675-6281.


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