Dixon Chapel at Camp Hill

September 14th, 2020
By: Lily Kowtko, Alumni Relations

It was a hot summer day in Camp Hill, Alabama–and it was my first day of work at Southern Prep. I can remember the nerves and excitement churning in my stomach. I reported to my new office, which was located in Dixon All Faith Chapel. I got settled in at my desk and then decided to explore. 

My first stop was in the chapel itself. I was taken aback by the beauty of the room. The stained glass windows contrasted the dark wooden pews. The high wooden ceiling made the room feel large, but welcoming. The attention to detail so clearly displayed. Deciding to explore more, I left the chapel feeling washed with peace. 

I still get my moments in the chapel. The awe I felt on the first day has not subsided. It has only grown. It’s not just another chapel. Dixon Chapel is a special place: a place where peace and love abound; a place where hope resonates. It’s got a story. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that we’re opening up Dixon Chapel for rental opportunities. Be it weddings, ceremonies, funerals, or family reunions–we want to welcome you here! A special event deserves a special venue. 

For more information regarding rentals, please contact me at 256-675-6269 or We have packages available– including fellowship hall rental, kitchen use, and more! If you’d like to come visit, please reach out to me and we can get that scheduled. 

Dixon All Faith Chapel is a hidden gem, tucked away in Camp Hill, Alabama. The chapel is located on the grounds of Southern Preparatory Academy, a highly respected, historic boarding school. Since its completion in 2014, Dixon All Faith Chapel has offered a place of serenity and fellowship for students and supporters of the academy. Now, we want to share this hidden gem with our community by offering affordable rental opportunities.

Just 25 minutes from Downtown Auburn, Alabama. Southern Prep is located 113 miles from Atlanta, GA, 19 miles from Auburn University, home of the Auburn Tigers, and 93 miles from Birmingham, AL. Being located in Camp Hill, AL, allows us to be rural, yet accessible.


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