Student Life

Religious Affiliation

Mental. Physical. Spiritual.

These are the 3 pillars of the academy as laid out by Dr. Lyman Ward who was a Universalist Minister at the turn of the century. Spiritual development of our cadets is one of the most important aspects of the program at LWMA. Cadet’s pray before every meal as part of a long-standing school tradition (school Prayer Written by Dr. Lyman Ward).

All cadets attend worship service every Sunday morning in the Academy Chapel.

Cadets are offered numerous opportunities to participate in off-campus worship services in the local community, specifically attend Catholic mass in Auburn, Al. or visit Church of the Highlands for Motion night.

Our Pastor, Rod Siggers, has been with our academy for many years. In addition to our Sunday service, he also serves as the campus barber. This enables him to spend additional time with each student, each week.

Student Life

Whole Boy Concept

three cadets in camo

We instill in our cadets the 3 pillars of the academy: mental, physical, and spiritual strength. 

cadets studying in a dorm room

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