3rd Annual Dove Shoot: Fundraising Success

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September 24th, 2020
By: Cole Leonard, Development

Southern Prep’s 3rd Annual Dove Shoot was an incredible success. Participants traveled from across the country to Letohatchee, Alabama for an afternoon consisting of the shoot, live music provided by the River Dan Band, and more. In total, over $50,000 was raised to support the cadets attending Southern Preparatory Academy. This total is more than double what was raised at the same event last year.

As the day began, participants were digging into outstanding BBQ, baked beans, cole slaw and more which were all provided by Smokology. After a couple hours of fellowship with friends, the firings of shotguns from all around the fields could be heard. Prior to this event, we were all concerned of the impact Hurricane Sally could have on the number of birds in the area. Thankfully, based on the sounds of the shotguns going off in the distance, there were no issues at all.

The event concluded with the River Dan Band. The band played outstanding country music. Guests were dancing with their spouses, playing corn hole by the light, or sitting around the fire. It was an incredible ending to another outstanding event.

As always, Southern Prep is thankful for the continued support from our sponsors and participants. We hope to see you all again next year!


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