Dee Orem Awarded President’s Medal at Military Day Parade

April 24, 2023

Dee Orem began at the school in 1971. He served as a football coach, stats keeper, history, and sometimes biology, teacher, Athletic Director, and basketball time-keeper.

He ran the concession stand, began the school’s first long distance learning program, lobbied a state Senator for funding for new computers, and married the librarian, Paula Shivers.

He lived on campus for 16 years prior to his marriage, where he learned the bugle calls as well as any cadet. Dee Orem retired in 2018, after 44 years. A lifetime of service to our academy.

Coach Orem is fondly remembered by alumni for his tough but fair grading.

His words of wisdom to everyone at this institution: Cherish the time when cadets come back and say, “You made a difference.”

Thank you, Coach Orem!


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