Spotlight: Trey Smith

trey smith

August 24th, 2020

My family drove me through the front gates of what was then Lyman Ward Military Academy. Little did I know that from that point on I would never forget the upcoming 5 years I spent as a Cadet. My life at home wasn’t working out and my relationship with my stepfather was terrible. I missed my father in Charlotte, but my mother knew that it would not be good for me to return to his house in Charlotte under his influence. My mother knew I needed better role models in my life who had character and great morals. She knew I needed structure in my life. At LWMA, I received all of the above.
    It took a week or two to learn how to love my new environment, but after those first two weeks I fell in love with my new life as a Cadet. I took pride in my uniform and personal space. I loved the constant activity that was going on around me and I loved being a part of the many clubs or teams I signed up for. Never a dull moment! I made lots of friends from places around the world that I still keep in touch with today. I loved the excitement of Home Football, Basketball and Baseball games. I also got excited when the parents would arrive to see me on Homecoming and Military Days. It was great to share with them all that I had learned and brag about the promotions and awards I had received as a Cadet.
     If I were a cadet again, I would take advantage of the time at Southern Prep Academy and stay until you graduate. A diploma from Southern Prep can set your sails to great heights. You’ll most likely get a scholarship to a great college and the skills you learn now will be with you for the rest of your life. You will have friends from all over the world to still call friends for the rest of your life! I still call Southern Prep ‘My Home Away from Home’ and I love that I can look back and say I was part of that special campus.
      I am now a senior at The University of North Carolina and the study habits I learned in Study Hall have become great assets to me in my studies at a major university. I love visiting Southern Prep every chance I get to remind me of all the successes I had as a Cadet and remind me that anything I put my mind to I can accomplish! Cadets, have a great school year and can’t wait to meet all the new Cadets this year when I come DJ on campus:)  Just remember to do your best and that everything you achieve NOW will go a long way towards a very successful FUTURE in everything you will do. Proud of you all and see you soon!

See you soon,
Terry Trey Smith aka DJ Ice Trey


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