Alumni Spotlight: Cody Stone, ’19

November 18th, 2020

I’m Cody Stone and I’m from Castle Rock, Colorado. I grew up with a single mom and my sister. I went to public school and absolutely hated it. I asked my mom if I could go to a military school and her boss was friends with LTC Norrell. This is how we found out about Southern Prep, then LWMA. I came to the school halfway through my sophomore year. The academy was life changing for me. I loved the smaller classes and the camaraderie. I had really good influences, like LTC Norrell, Sgt. Sky, and Major Mayer. I also met my 2 best friends while there. One of them is actually from Cancun, Mexico. I still talk to them almost every day. What was even more exciting about attending this school was that I was able to get my private pilot’s license during my senior year. I was asked to do a fly over on Military Day at the school. My family was able to attend and my mom was able to ride along with me for the fly over. 

Since I graduated, I have received my commercial pilot’s license from Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, FL. I am currently working on my multi-engine because I want to fly corporate. In January, I plan on getting my CFI (certified flight instructor) license and teaching other students how to get their license and gain flight hours to land a full-time corporate flying job. I truly believe that my experience at the school got me to this place in life where I have been so successful. My mom gave me every opportunity I asked for, like being able to attend the school. I have soaked up so much from these opportunities and am proud to be a commercial pilot at the age of 20. 


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