JV/Varsity Schedule

Dec. 7 at 5:00pm
AWAY @ Cornerstone Christian

Dec. 8 at 5:00pm 
HOME vs. Springwood 

Dec. 9 at 5:00pm 
AWAY @ Glenwood

Dec. 12 at 3:00pm
HOME vs. Banks Academy

Dec. 14 at 5:00pm
HOME vs. Ezekiel Academy

Dec. 15 at 4:30pm 
HOME vs. Central Christian 

Jan. 4 at 4:30pm 
HOME vs. Glenwood 

Jan. 5 at 5:00pm
HOME vs. Heritage Christian 

Jan. 7 at 5:00pm 
AWAY @ Success Unlimited Academy 

Jan. 8 at 5:00pm 
HOME vs. Lee-Scott Academy

Jan. 9 at 1:30pm 
AWAY @ Crenshaw Christian

Jan. 11 at 4:00pm 
AWAY @ Lee-Scott Academy 

Jan. 12 at 5:00pm 

HOME vs. Success Unlimited Academy

Jan. 14 at 5:00pm
AWAY @ Springwood 

Jan. 15 at 5:00pm
AWAY @ Hooper Academy 

Jan. 18 at 4:00pm
AWAY @ Central Christian

Jan. 22 at 5:00pm 
AWAY @ Heritage Christian 

Jan. 25 at 5:00pm
AWAY @ Trinity Christian 

Jan. 26 at 5:00pm 
HOME vs. Coosa Valley 

Jan. 29 at 5:00pm
HOME vs. Crenshaw Christian 

Feb. 1 at 5:00pm
AWAY @ Banks Academy 

Feb. 2 at 4:30pm 
AWAY @ Lafayette Christian 

Feb. 8 at 5:00pm 
HOME vs. Trinity Christian

Feb. 9 at 5:00pm
AWAY @ Ezekiel Academy

Contact: Mr. Matthew Kelly
(334) 540-4782

Junior High Schedule

Jan. 12 at 4:00pm 
HOME vs. Southern Christian

Jan. 14 at 4:00pm 
AWAY @ Wynnbrook

Jan. 18 at 4:00pm
AWAY @ Central Christian

Jan. 19 at 4:00pm
HOME vs. Wynnbrook

Jan. 21 at 4:00pm
HOME vs. Trinity Opelika 

Feb. 2 at 4:00pm 
HOME vs. Trinity Opelika

Feb. 11 at 4:00pm 
AWAY @ Southern Christian

Contact: Mr. Roland Bell


Please download and complete the following forms for your Cadet to participate in Athletics this year.