The Dixon Foundation

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December 10th, 2019 
By: Cole Leonard

Solon and Martha Dixon have made a significant impact at Southern Preparatory Academy over the last six decades. Solon Dixon, a 1922 graduate of the Southern Industrial Institute, and his wife, Martha, were strongly dedicated to the advancement of the academic and religious components of the academy.

After graduating from Auburn University, Solon Dixon became a pioneer in forestry industry. Mr. Dixon built various sawmills and other factories throughout the state of Alabama. In addition, he was passionate about educating young men and women about natural resources and wildlife. In 1980, Solon Dixon donated over 5000 acres in Andalusia, Alabama to Auburn University, which now serves as the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center.

Solon Dixon was also an advocate for aviation. He assisted Auburn University in creating the aviation program, which is unique due to it being the only program of its kind throughout the region. Through the Solon and Martha Dixon Foundation, Auburn University and Southern Prep have been working together to acquire a flight simulator, worth over a quarter million dollars, for cadets enrolled in the aviation program.

Over the years, the Solon and Martha Dixon Foundation have funded repairs to Tallapoosa Hall, the construction of both the Martha Dixon Library and the Dixon All Faith Chapel; and various academic programming, such as the online dual enrollment and virtual reality classes.  Although Solon and Martha Dixon have passed away, their legacy continues to live on here at Southern Prep.


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