Luis Manuel Marcano: Class of 1985

vintage photo of three cadets

June 22nd, 2020

Attending Southern Prep (formerly known as Lyman Ward) was one of the most important experiences of my life. I deeply appreciate my parents for the opportunity. Today, I have capitalized on the teachings I received, not only from formal instruction, but the principles of honor, truth, respect, and loyalty that I learned from my friends at the academy whom with I have become brothers.

After graduation, I did not stay in the United States. I returned to Venezuela where I trained as a lawyer and a historian, and I dedicated a lot of time to politics. I worked in Congress and held diplomatic duties, one of which was at the United Nations during the 1990s. My judicial career then led me to be a Judge of the Supreme Court of Venezuela focusing on an issue that led to the persecution of the dictatorial and communist government of Maduro that today hurts my Venezuelan brothers. My days at the academy were the best in my life, so much so that I wrote a novel called Flashlights in the Dark.

Marcano’s novel

It received an award in Venezuela and was recently published in Chile. It contains life experiences and the undying legacy of love, loyalty, and courage that I received from my teachers and tactical officers, such as Sergeant Frank and Sergeant Guerra.

The best thing in my life was that school and, if I could, I would study again in those walls, which are so full of teachings and memories. Currently, I am a political asylee in Chile, hoping to return to the home that was taken from me by the ruthless narco-terrorist communism.

Warmest Regards,
Luis Manuel Marcano
Class of 1985


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