Airplane Haikus

October 6th, 2020
By: Cadet Weaver

B17: Flying Fortress
High up in the sky
Listen to the bombs whistle
With the lights below

B24: Liberator
Flies over the sea
Observing the horizon
Looking for targets

P51: Mustang Late Model
Gunning the throttle
Scrambling a restricted climb
To protect the town

F6F: Hellcat
With strong winds blowing
Engine purring on the deck
Chief clearing takeoff

F4: Phantom II
High up in the clouds
With the missile growling hot
A white trail firing

U-2: Dragon Lady
Quiet above earth
With a sky of black and blue
Watching quiet earth

Sr71: Black Bird
Moving at mach three
Recording the enemy
Helping the friendly

F16: Viper
AIM7 locks on
Russians just seconds ahead
The Sparrow whistles

A10: Warthog
Diving a mile up
The gun buzzes and shakes hard
The rounds spark targets


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