2021-2022 Basketball Rosters

November 4th, 2021

Congratulations to our cadets who made the basketball team! To view the full schedule, please click here. Our first game is scheduled for November 30th at The Oaks Academy. Go Rangers!

Adrian Pinto
Jaiden Spencer
Ashtin Wegner
Dustin Bun
Davis Miller
Marcus Kimble
Jacky Liang
Levi Rad
Brandon Bell
Ashton Lovil
Layton Mask
Jack Lynch

Coach: Mrs. Indhira Murphy

Coach: Mr. Hayes Grogan

August Rather
JD Channell
Aedyn Holleman
Sean Turner
Caleb Cole
Kevin Mason
Tristan Key
Carter Floyd
Dexter Barrus
Kevione Bowen
Jalen Dixon
Demetrious Tillman
Peter Donahoe
Logan Conner
Blake Larcom

Coach: Mr. Jim Keller

Chandler Holland
Reagan Rogers
Owen Wolfe
Baines Duncan
James Woodruff
Andrew Pintagro
Ernest Moore
Boone Pearce
Theo Rindler
Jay Stewart
Bennett Kilpatrick
Kyle Owens
Stuart Hauer

Coach: Mr. Michael Megelsh


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