TAPS: Capt. Carl Kelly, 1951-2020

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November 22nd, 2020

Capt. Carl Kelly, former LWMA faculty member
October 23, 1951 – November 21, 2020

Comment from Bucky Heard, c/o 1983, Righteous Brother 

Carl taught us all to love music, each other and, most importantly God.  There has never been a finer man to walk this planet and as I post this with tears in my eyes, I am just so thankful I was able to see him and Debbie at several of our Righteous Brothers concerts here in Las Vegas and most recently, in Oxford, AL with a big group of family and friends from the Dadeville area.  Carl gave me my first solo, cast me in several of his productions, took groups of “his kids” on field trips to see concerts (Up With People, Regeneration and more) and truly cared so much about us all.  I will cherish every moment I got to spend with him and my heart hurts so badly today knowing I will not see him again….of course, until I get to my Heavenly reward and join his celestial choir, which I have no doubt he will be leading. 

*Capt. Kelly’s first year at the academy was 1976. He stayed on until the early- to mid-1980s. 

Please remember wife, Debbie Kelly, his two children, and one grandchild.  May he rest in peace.


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