Remote Thursday: Cadet Lamer

April 16th, 2020

Aviation Director, Sgt. Jake Norotsky, is not letting quarantine stop his Drone Demonstration Team from completing their final flight evaluations. Every Thursday, Sgt. Norotsky will host “Remote Thursday”- a weekly Zoom session he is using to virtually evaluate the team’s performance. Each Cadet on the Drone Team is required to sign in and be present as if he is on campus. Cadet Lamer was the first to complete his virtual evaluation.

Drone Demonstration Overview

We spend long hours perfecting our maneuvers and mixing the music with narration to create a one of a kind visual and auditory experience. Pilots and team members travel to airshows, schools and other events to showcase their maneuvering skills in close formation flight.  

Our pilots fly under the “Scout 01” through “Scout 06” callsigns, and each earns their place on the team through a rigorous interview and evaluation process held in December. 

To learn more about our Drone Demonstration Team, or other Signature Programs offered at Southern Prep, please visit our website.


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