Military Promotions: Winter 2024

January 15th, 2024

Cadet Carter Floyd served as narrator for today’s ceremony. Cadet First Captain Steven Hauer awarded today’s promotions. 

Cadet promotions are based on several factors to include: Individual effort, the willingness to accept responsibility, overall personal conduct and the needs of the Corps of Cadets. Promotion criteria is examined and recommendations are sent forward by the TAC Officers to the Commandant of Cadets. 

Today’s ceremony recognizes the efforts of many of our hard working cadets.

Promoted to the Rank of Cadet Private:
Francis, Josiah
Massingille, Roman
Chandler, Damein
Watts, Dallan

Promoted to the Rank of Cadet Private First Class:
Cole, Bryson
Missildine, Blake
Williams, Aidan
Locke, Tre
Whitfield, Trysten
Taylor, Mason

Promoted to the Rank of Cadet Corporal:
Jones, Aden
Vieto, Sergio
Olar, Daniel
Newton, Kaiden
Boyd, Armand
Lansden, Jaxon

Promoted to the Rank of Cadet Sergeant:
Gault, Josh
Konrad, Walter
Martinez, Matthew
Rowland, Sam
Vieto, Alfredo
Owens, Clinton
Peacock, Will
Nguyen, Khang

Promoted to the Rank of Cadet First Lieutenant:
Hall, David


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