Douglas Peebles Joins Southern Prep Board of Trustees

October 23rd, 2023

Southern Preparatory Academy is proud to announce a new addition to the Board of Trustees, Mr. Douglas Peebles! Mr. Peebles has been a staunch supporter of the Academy for many years and we are so grateful to have him. 

Mr. Peebles’ youngest son, Garrett, is a 2022 graduate of Southern Prep Academy. As a former parent joining the Board of Trustees, Mr. Peebles brings a unique and valuable perspective to the leadership team. His firsthand experience as a parent of the school provides insights into the day-to-day realities of Cadets and families, making him well-equipped to advocate for their needs. Additionally, his deep emotional investment in the school’s success drives his commitment and dedication to fostering growth.

Mr. Peebles has built a successful career as a lawyer. His practice, Peebles Law Firm, is well respected. His legal expertise will greatly benefit Southern Prep, especially in regard to matters related to contracts, compliance, and policy development. Additionally, Mr. Peebles will provide valuable guidance in navigating and safeguarding the Academy’s interests, ultimately contributing to the institution’s overall success and reputation.

Mr. Peebles and his wife, Teresa, live in Camp Hill, Alabama. On most Friday nights, you can find them at Ranger Field rooting on the Fightin’ Rangers. Garrett plays football at Midway University in Kentucky. Their oldest son, Jack, attends Auburn University.


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