Cadet Behavior during COVID-19

March 16th, 2020

These are extraordinary times that we are living in. Everyone in the United States is being tested by the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus. We have now suspended classes on campus temporarily until the danger has passed. Now more than ever you must step up and conduct yourself like the young man that I know you are. Here are my expectations for your conduct while off campus:

  1. Conduct yourself as a gentleman and live by the Cadet Honor Code at all times.
  2. Work hard at your studies and complete all assignments as required by your teachers.
  3. Be respectful and helpful to your parents, family, and neighbors.
  4. Limit your time playing video games. Always complete your school work first before playing games, watching movies, etc.
  5. Keep your room tidy and clean. Help your parents with household chores.
  6. Eat healthy, conduct good personal hygiene, exercise every day, and get proper rest (do not stay up late at night)

I challenge you all to be on your best behavior while you are off campus. Your behavior at home will have either positive or negative consequences when you return to campus. I am authorizing the award of Good Conduct ribbon for all cadets that conduct themselves in an exemplary manner during this time of National Emergency. A weekly behavior report from parents and academic performance will be used to determine eligibility for the National Emergency Good Conduct Ribbon. Take care of yourself, work hard, and we will see you back on campus soon. I am counting on you to do the right thing. RLTW!

LTC Jared H. Norrell
11th President
Southern Preparatory Academy


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