Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Arwood, Senior Math Instructor

three cadets and mr arwood

January 20th, 2021

Mr. Arwood, or Coach Arwood, is a one-of-a-kind teacher who garners a tremendous amount of respect from his students. Each student is thoroughly engaged in his class, and comes to actually enjoy and understand math. Through his ability to relate to and communicate with his students and his effective classroom management, he is able to gauge student comprehension of new ideas before moving on. This creates an efficient and effective classroom environment that gets results and impacts his students lives for the better. With a tough but fair classroom management system and a sense of humor, Mr. Arwood makes classes engaging, fun, and and memorable. We often have young alumni tell us how much Mr. Arwood’s classes helped them prepare for college math. He is truly part of what makes Southern Prep more than just a boarding school by giving young men guidance they can use for the rest of their lives.

Mr. Jim Locke, a Southern Prep Alum and current Board Member, recently sat in on one of Mr. Arwood’s classes and shared his thoughts with us.

“I began [by] attending Terry Arwood’s math class. Impressive. […] Here’s the good part: Unlike other schools, particularly public schools, each student was 100% engaged and called on, repeatedly, to describe their work, how they approached the problems, how they set up their equations, the steps they took for solving and to provide answers. […] But imagine your son being in a math class where he gets to freely ask questions, get immediate help, is expected to be able to describe his work and to think with clarity and solve for the correct answers—and is taught how to check his own work for accuracy. That is learning plus accountability plus confidence in a single morning class at Southern Prep. “


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