Scrub Orientation

January 20th, 2020
By: Cadet Kyle Holton

Scrubs are the new students at Southern Prep Academy. This semester’s Scrubs arrived on January 5th and will end their 3 weeks of training this Friday, January 24th at a graduation ceremony.  This semester’s scrubs have started out on a good note working hard at both scrub training and school. They have adapted quickly to what is expected at a military academy and have quickly picked up the correct way to march and salute. All are happy to be here and are getting along well with each other and the “old” cadets. Based on what we are seeing, we expect them to become some of the best cadets Southern Prep has ever seen! 

One of the things parents/guardians often ask is “What all is expected of our son during the scrub period and after?” The answer is: we expect them to learn all the rules; drill until they have it perfect; keep their rooms clean and ready for inspection; respond to staff and teachers with respect; do well in classes, and learn to hold themselves accountable for their behavior. In short, cadets at Southern Prep learn what it means to be young men who have what it takes to be future leaders!


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