Meet Our New College and Career Counselor

January 25, 2024

We are delighted to welcome Mr. Jammy “Jay” Strong, our accomplished College and Career Counselor. Mr. Strong is a seasoned mentor, effective communicator, and problem solver, bringing a wealth of experience to our cadets.

Mr. Strong’s educational journey includes a Master of Science in Human Resources from Brandman University, where he earned a Certificate in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University.

In his role as a Veteran Services Navigator at Grays Harbor College, Mr. Strong served as the Primary School Certifying Official, maintaining close contact with various Veterans’ affairs entities. He developed policies to maximize educational benefits for Veteran students and created tailored educational plans for students across different fields of study.

Notably, Mr. Strong served as a Senior Career Counselor for 10 years in the United States Army, collaborating with Combat Leaders to design and teach essential training materials.

Mr. Strong has a proven track record of mentoring and advising personnel on organizational and education benefits. His dedication to helping individuals understand and utilize their benefits was recognized when he was awarded the 2010 Training and Doctrine Command Career Counselor of the Year.

We are excited about the valuable experience Mr. Strong brings to our Academy. Mr. Strong will be conducting ACT/SAT and ASVAB preparation sessions every Wednesday, starting in February.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Mr. Strong. His expertise and passion for guiding students will undoubtedly make a positive impact on our Corps of Cadets. Welcome to the Ranger Family, Mr. Strong!


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