Southern Preparatory academy
boys grades 6-12

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Shaping Confident Young Men

Alabama's Military School for Boys in Grades 6-12

At Southern Prep, your son will thrive in our unique environment. We blend a college prep program with military traditions to shape confident young men. Whether he is in class, on parade grounds, or participating in one of our many extracurriculars, your son will flourish in an atmosphere that fosters integrity, respect, and self-discipline.

We understand the frustrations young men face, whether they result from academic hurdles or personal pressures. Our military-inspired model of education not only provides boys with the structure needed for success, but boosts self-esteem and empowers our students to succeed. Join us at Southern Preparatory Academy, where your son’s success story begins.

Signature Programs

Our signature programs provide plenty of opportunities for young men to discover their full potential and excel at the things they love.
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Thank you for your interest in Southern Preparatory Academy. Located in Camp Hill, AL, Southern Prep educates young men in grades 6-12.

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