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Student Life

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Transformation begins on day one. Each day we work with our cadets in order for them to become better young men than they were the day before. At Southern Preparatory Academy, students learn to work their way through life’s challenges on a daily basis. Through challenges- both academic and physical- and structured military living, students learn to push themselves beyond that of which they thought they were capable. With encouragement from teachers, mentors, and coaches, cadets become empowered to chart their own course. Because of the challenges faced and lessons learned at Southern Prep, students leave this campus fully prepared for college life and beyond. The strength to lead, organize, and self-discipline all become stepping stones to a lifetime of success.

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Capable young men with the potential to achieve are the young men of Southern Preparatory Academy- even when they don’t yet know it.

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Since its founding, the focus of our school has been to provide students with opportunity to experience something more; to do something bigger; to be someone better.

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We are an independent boarding school committed to preparing young men of integrity and strength for leadership in college, life, and beyond.

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Ask any of our students, past or present, what he values most about our school and the answer will likely be: the brotherhood.

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To be ready for college and life beyond means much more today than academic preparation; it means preparation for life.

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When It All Comes Together.

When you combine the small class sizes, dedicated teachers, military boarding structure, and environment for self-discipline and learnings, you get our distinguished Southern Prep men.

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